El Audi R8 ya es una leyenda. El deportivo de la marca alemana con motor central se presentó en 2006 en su primera generación, se convirtió en el auto de "Iron Man" y ganó numerosas carreras en circuitos. Sin embargo, después de dos exitosas generaciones, Audi ya confirmó que el R8 no tendrá un sucesor directo. Los próximos deportivos de la marca alemana tendrán un planteo muy diferente y 100% eléctrico.

Para comenzar a despedirlo, el preparador ABT -es especializado en tuning de autos de calle y creación de autos de competición- presentó el nuevo XGT: es un Audi R8 GT2, que fue modificado y adaptado para ser homologado y disfrutado en la vía pública.

Recordemos que el R8 GT2 fue uno de los últimos diseños del argentino Juan Manuel Díaz mientras trabajó para Audi. El rosarino se encuentra hoy al frente de la automotriz de lujo china Beyonca (leer más), pero el R8 GT2 heredó toda su impronta de diseño agresivo, a la vez que armónico y muy funcional (leer nota de archivo).

ABT respetó esas líneas y modificó lo justo y necesario para transformar al R8 GT2 en un brutal XGT que se puede manejar todos los días por la calle. Tiene un motor V10 5.2 litros con 640 caballos de potencia y pesa 1.400 kilos. Declara una velocidad máxima de 310 km/h, aunque esto puede variar en función del ángulo de incidencia del enorme alerón trasero. El consumo homologado es tan brutal como todas sus otras prestaciones: 20.7 litros cada 100 kilómetros.

ABT fabricará sólo 99 unidades del XGT, con un precio en Alemania de 598 mil euros. Hay más información en la galería de fotos, el video y el comunicado de prensa, acá abajo.

Galería: ABT XGT (2024)


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Comunicado de prensa de ABT

The road-legal racing car - the ABT XGT: "The quintessence of our heritage"

Super sports cars are an exciting and highly emotional world of their own. Only racing cars can give you even more goose bumps. With the XGT, ABT Sportsline combines the two worlds into a total work of art: born as a thoroughbred GT2 vehicle, the DTM racing team and vehicle tuner created the most exclusive vehicle that has ever left the ABT factory in Kempten in a two-year, extremely complex development process.

Super sports cars are an exciting and highly emotional world of their own. Only racing cars can give you even more goose bumps. With the XGT, ABT Sportsline combines the two worlds into a total work of art: born as a thoroughbred GT2 vehicle, the DTM racing team and vehicle tuner created the most exclusive vehicle that has ever left the ABT factory in Kempten in a two-year, extremely complex development process. With 640 hp at 1,400 kg, a limited edition of 99 units and the simply breathtaking look of a racing machine, the road-legal racer is aimed at sporty drivers and motorsport enthusiasts. This uniqueness gives the XGT a special appeal that will also delight collectors.

Unique mix of expertise

As a traditional racing team, ABT Sportsline has contested more than 300 races in the DTM since 2000, achieved dozens of individual victories and over 250 podium finishes and is currently the most successful active DTM team. The best prerequisites for an ambitious project like the XGT. But it is more than just a project: "It was the challenge itself that spurred us on to develop this unique complete vehicle. The XGT is the quintessence of our heritage," explains Hans-Jürgen Abt with pride in his voice. Because it was not easy to get the GT2 racing car on the road - the requirements of motorsport and road traffic are too far apart. Actually...

"Two highly intensive years have passed from the idea to completion," says ABT Sportsline Managing Director Thomas Biermaier, who came up with the idea for the XGT together with Ernst Christian Scherer, Managing Director of Scherer Sport, after an exciting and successful race. Biermaier and Scherer had been harbouring the dream of tackling such a project for some time. Now things were getting serious: "Our engineers and mechanics had some tough challenges to overcome." With around 40 individual approvals, the months-long approval process went beyond the scope of conventional vehicle development. The highlight: visually, the road-going version differs only marginally from the Audi R8 LMS GT2 racing car. The XGT is not a super sports car with a racing look, it is a road-legal racing car. Now 99 rolling chassis are waiting to be hand-built into one-offs according to customer specifications.

The long way to the road

Anyone who has always dreamed of sitting behind the wheel of a real racing car will get their money's worth in the ABT XGT. Literally, because the XGT is steered with a steering wheel specially made for the racing version. The technical modifications in the areas of thermal management, software and the highly complex vehicle diagnostics system have been carefully implemented in order to preserve the character of the racing car. For everyday usability, the fuelling system from the series was integrated, the instrument cluster was modified for civilian use, and the handbrake, central locking and even a reversing camera and immobiliser were added.

The control panel was adapted to road use and controls the electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, air conditioning and indicators, while the special exhaust system including aftertreatment components had to fulfil the KBA's emission specifications. Of course, the focus was also on safety: a complete XGT vehicle was used in the demanding side and front crash tests, and all KBA specifications regarding brakes and noise levels were met in extensive tests.

Racing feeling without compromise

In addition to the extensive road tests, there was another maxim in the development of the ABT XGT: as much racetrack feeling as possible. To this end, the XGT completed thousands of kilometres on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, the Sachsenring and the Hockenheimring in order to find the perfect setup. In addition to DTM driver Kelvin van der Linde, DTM driver and Scherer brand ambassador Ricardo Feller - both of whom will also be racing for ABT in 2024 - ABT Motorsport Director Martin Tomczyk and racing driver and also Scherer brand ambassador Frank Stippler were also used as development drivers. Their unsurprising conclusion: "The road handling, steering behaviour and acceleration cannot be compared with any road car". Thanks to the dual-adjustable suspension with modified springs, ambitious drivers have the opportunity to find their own perfect setup for every racetrack.

Scherer Sport is the exclusive distributor and service provider for the XGT. This cooperation is based on a long-standing partnership and a shared passion for motorsport, which is why it was only natural to bring this unique project to the road together. Customers can choose from four different colour concepts; individual solutions and variants are possible thanks to the handcrafted implementation. The price of the ABT XGT starts at 598,000 euros incl. VAT.

Anyone who wants to see the unique ABT XGT in the flesh: In Mainz, about 20 minutes from Frankfurt Airport, the ABT showroom of Scherer Sport will open its doors on November 23. In addition to the Star XGT, other ABT special models will be on display there. Additionally, the XGT will, of course, also be showcased at ABT Sportsline in Kempten.

Technical data:

Engine: 5.2 litre V10 FSI 470 kW/640 hp*
Fuel: min. ROZ98
Transmission/drive: 7-speed S-tronic, rear-wheel drive
Tyres: Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R
Wheels: ABT forged rims with centre lock VA: 11.0 x 19 ET25 / HA: 11.5 x 20 ET20
Weight: 1,400 kg DIN
Power-to-weight ratio: 2.4 kg/hp
Fuel tank capacity: 83 litres
V-Max: 310 km/h (depending on the setting of the rear wing)
Combined fuel consumption: 20.7 l/100 km
Combined CO2 emissions: 473 g/km (WLTP)

*The engine performance figures comply with the requirements of EEC/80/1269. The procedure and the test bench manufacturer have been verified and approved by the vehicle manufacturer. You can find further details on https://www.abt-sportsline.com/performance-measurement.

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