Con el lanzamiento de la nueva Chevrolet Equinox (leer crítica), General Motors dejó de vender en septiembre pasado la Captiva en la Argentina (leer obituario). Pero el nombre no ha muerto: en el próximo Salón de Bangkok (Tailandia), GM presentará la nueva generación de la Captiva.

Se trata, en realidad, de un clon de una SUV ya existente de Saic, la automotriz china aliada de General Motors (junto a la que desarrolló los nuevos Onix y Prisma, leer más). El nombre original del modelo es Saic Wuling Baojun 530.

Como la Captiva orignal (y a diferencia de la Equinox), la nueva Captiva/Baojun tiene tres filas de asientos para siete pasajeros.

La comercialización de la nueva Captiva ya está confirmada para varios mercados de América Latina. En la Argentina, sin embargo, dependerá de la performance en ventas de las Equinox y Trailblazer.


Así es la nueva Chevrolet Captiva (es el clon de una SUV china de Saic Wuling)
Sobre la base de la Saic Wuling Baojun 530...

Así es la nueva Chevrolet Captiva (es el clon de una SUV china de Saic Wuling)
...General Motors desarrolló la nueva generación de la Chevrolet Captiva.

Así es la nueva Chevrolet Captiva (es el clon de una SUV china de Saic Wuling)
Ya está confirmada para varios mercados de América Latina.


Comunicado de prensa de GM Tailandia All-New Chevrolet Captiva is coming

Bangkok, Thailand – Chevrolet Thailand has revealed the All-New Captiva and will officially launch this new-generation SUV at the 40th Bangkok International Motor Show on March 26. Captiva will go on sale in the second half of 2019,joining the brand’s locally manufactured Colorado pickup truck and Trailblazer full-size SUV,and marking the next step in Chevrolet Thailand’s long-term focus on pickup trucks and SUVs to grow its vehicle portfolio and business.

The launch of the All-New Captiva marks the return of Chevrolet’s popular global SUV nameplate, which was first launched in 2006. For its celebrated return, Chevrolet and General Motors have leveraged the company’s vast SUV experience, global strength and partnerships to redefine Captiva for a new era.

“Captiva is truly an all-new vehicle that perfectly reflects Chevrolet’s philosophy of what an SUV should be: spacious, stylish and smart,” said Ms. Piyanuch Chaturaphat, Sales & Marketing General Director of Chevrolet Sales Thailand. “This smart-value SUV embodies contemporary design, advanced technology, roominess and flexible functionality to enhance today’s on-the-go lifestyle. Customers will be sure to Find New Roads with the All-New Captiva.”

The All-New Captiva also marks the next major milestone in Chevrolet’s long-term strategy to grow the brand and business in Thailand. In 2018, Chevrolet Thailand marked its third consecutive year of growth; since 2016 the company has grown its sales by a significant 36 percent with 2019 to mark the fourth straight year of growing sales.

Chevrolet Thailand is also continuing a major investment program to expand its dealership, service and aftersales footprint through its Chevrolet showroom and service center expansion program, with Chevrolet in every province in Thailand by the end of 2020.

“Our strategy to focus on trucks and SUVs continues to pay dividends and reflects GM’s global emphasis on these growth segments, taking our business forward,” said Ms. Chaturaphat. “With the introduction of Captiva, we will make 2019 the fourth consecutive year of growth for Chevrolet Thailand.”

The All-New Captiva will go on sale in the second half of 2019 in both five-seat and seven-seat configurations. The model’s sharp, modern exterior styling offers a lean muscular shape, intricate angular grille, integrated LED headlamps and athletic bodylines.

The All-New Captiva is a global Chevrolet SUV that will be sold in several international markets, stretching from Southeast Asia to South America. The program is leveraging the advanced design and engineering capabilities of GM’s SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) joint venture in China.

GM Southeast Asia President Mr. Ian Nicholls, said leveraging GM’s global scale and partnerships will help chart a bright future for Chevrolet Thailand.

“GM’s broad and entrenched presence in China enables deep product, technology and manufacturing sharing. We operate 11 joint ventures in manufacturing, engineering and design, telematics, automotive financing and other areas. GM has 27 plants and facilities, along with 58,000 employees across China. SGMW represents a core pillar of GM’s joint-venture presence.

“Our operations in China, including SGMW, built and sold nearly 4 million vehicles in China in 2018, so the scope, scale and capability is enormous. Partnering with SGMW provides Chevrolet Thailand – and many other international Chevrolet markets – with a growing portfolio of world-class vehicles leveraging GM’s global scale and presence. The power of harnessing GM’s large-scale joint ventures is compelling.

“This is just the start. We will bring to the Thai market a number of all-new Chevrolets in new market segments through our partnership with SGMW. All of them built using GM’s world-class manufacturing systems and quality assurance processes to provide Chevrolet customers in Thailand with a broader range of vehicle choices. Our growth strategy utilizes the global scale of GM to launch imported vehicles, complementing the bedrock of our business in the Colorado and Trailblazer built right here in our Thailand plant,” said Mr. Nicholls.

“The entire Chevrolet dealer network and I are really excited about the return of Captiva,” said Mr. Kasem Moolsup, Assistant Managing Director of Phra Nakorn Automobile Co., Ltd, Chevrolet’s dealership. “The nameplate has been a favorite among dealers and customers alike, and this new-generation Captiva is modern and definitely cool. It will inject a lot of energy into the Chevrolet brand.”

The All-New Captiva SUV benefits from GM and Chevrolet’s unsurpassed experience in the SUV segment. The Chevrolet brand pioneered the segment in 1935 with the introduction of the eight-passenger Suburban Carryall, and launched many other innovative SUVs over the following eight decades, including Trailblazer.

“With its expressive style, life-sized space and smart technology, the new Captiva honors Chevrolet’s SUV heritage while meeting the needs and expectations of the brand’s increasingly global audience,” said Ms. Chaturaphat. “With Captiva, we will build on the momentum established by Trailblazer and Colorado and continue to grow Chevrolet in Thailand.”

Pricing and specification for the All-New Chevrolet Captiva will be announced at a later date.

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