Horacio Pagani y su familia inauguraron el viernes pasado el “Museo Horacio Pagani” en Italia. Se encuentra ubicado junto a la fábrica de Pagani Automobili y recorre la trayectoria del constructor argentino, desde sus inicios en Casilda (Santa Fe) hasta su presente como creador de superautos.

A los 62 años, Pagani decidió reunir en un solo lugar todos sus recuerdos y los autos más emblemáticos que creó. Allí hay rincones dedicados a su amistad con Oreste Berta, la recomendación de Juan Manuel Fangio para trabajar en Europa, su paso por Lamborghini y las diferentes evoluciones de los Zonda y Huayra.

"Los sueños y la passion son la energía de nuestros días. Desde que era un niño, en la Argentina, deseaba con venir a Italia, a Módena, donde nacen los autos más hermosos del mundo. Mi sueño me permitió experimentar los muchos obstáculos y desafíos que se presentaron, con determinación, carácter, esfuerzo y aprovechando las oportunidades para crecer”, declaró Pagani en el acto de inauguración.

El Museo Horacio Pagani se puede visitar de lunes a viernes de 10 a 12:30 y de 14:30 a 17hs. No requiere reserva previa. Para realizar una visita a la fábrica se requiere hacer una reserva en paganitour@modenatur.it


Se inauguró el Museo Horacio Pagani en Italia
Horacio Pagani, junto a su esposa y sus dos hijos, en el corte de cinta del Museo.

Se inauguró el Museo Horacio Pagani en Italia
El sábado fue el primer día abierto al público y Pagani firmó autógrafos.


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Comunicado de prensa de Pagani Automobili Pagani Automobili inaugurates the new Atelier and the Museo Horacio Pagani

San Cesario Sul Panaro, 13th December 2017 - Pagani Automobili officially opens its new Atelier and the Horacio Pagani Museum, which runs through the steps of the Argentinian designer through a collection of his most legendary and exclusive creations. The ribbon cutting ceremony took place in the presence of the founder of Pagani Automobili, Horacio Pagani, local authorities, suppliers and partners.

A tribute to passion, dreams and determination, a true inspiration, a tribute to automotive art, this is the experience of visiting the Museo Horacio Pagani and the Atelier Pagani Automobili.

Together with the very first Zonda models, dating back to 1998, we also find the iconic Zonda Cinque, the Zonda R and the Huayra, unique models exhibited together for the first time in an exclusive collection, never seen before, accessible to visitors from all over the world.

The visit is a journey along the most important moments that marked Horacio’s path, from the first significant years in Argentina until today, and explores in depth the conditions that led a young boy who strongly believed in his ideals, pursuing them with passion and dedication, until the realization of his greatest dream: "come to Modena to design and build my own cars".

A unique experience that starts from the Museum itself and ends inside the Atelier of production, where visitors can clearly recognise the continuity that links the first balsa wood scale models - already the subject of the important research on lightness - to the latest studies of carbon fiber and composite materials, which interestingly pursue the same goal. From the first projects up to the Zonda, everything in the Museum highlights the great pioneering vision of the young designer who sees Art and Science walking together hand in hand. A philosophy that took inspiration from a concept of Leonardo Da Vinci and that today represents the soul of Pagani Automobili, where the unique craftsmanship skills are tangible in every process and creation.

Made with the typical Italian materials, such as Carrara marble and antique bricks as a replica of the typical Modenese bricks, every architectural and stylistic detail of the new building was designed by Horacio Pagani and his team, where the fil rouge of the Renaissance highlights the perfect combination of Art and Science, tradition and innovation. Starting from the first Horacio’s sketches, the architectural project was then totally developed by his first son, Leonardo Pagani.

Behind the Museum stands the Atelier of production, created using the same materials and architectural elements, with the aim to house the exclusive production of Pagani supercars. From the composite materials department to the body finishing laboratory, to the arches that house the production of special models and quality control, every architectural element has been conceived by combining the aesthetic aspect with a precise structural function.

Tradition and the most advanced technologies of the automotive industry are harmoniously coexisting together: the Pagani cars come to life in a typical Italian piazza, surrounded by Renaissance arches, street lamps, islands of vegetation, cobblestones floors. A clock placed on the tower on the side of the square tells the time at the ringing of a bell: Ecat, the company that took care of the construction, manufactures clocks and bells since 1404. The bricks are made with a special technology created especially for Pagani. Materials such as iron, steel and glass are combined with warmer materials such as wood and bricks.

The orientation towards technological excellence, innovation and the increasing attention to environmental protection, find their fullest expression in the Museum and Atelier. The entire building is made with the latest generation technologies and materials, fully adapting to the latest energy efficiency standards. With the mission of enhancing the territory and reducing the environmental impact, were created a photovoltaic system, a water purification plant, a full led lighting system and an energy management system, which allows to monitor savings and consumption, only using renewable sources.

Horacio Pagani, Chief Designer Pagani Automobili - "Dreams and passion are the energy of our days. Since I was a child, in Argentina, I desired to come to Italy, to Modena where the most beautiful cars in the world were born. My dream allowed me to live the many obstacles as challenges to overcome, with determination, grit and efforts, and as opportunities for growth."

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