Es el Pagani más veloz de la historia, pero no es un auto: es un avión. Horacio Pagani, el constructor argentino radicado en Italia, se unió a la compañía aeronáutica Airbus para crear el Huayra de los cielos: el ACJ 319neo Infinito.

Es un avión para 25 pasajeros, desarrollado por la división de Airbus para ejecutivos: Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ).

El Infinito tiene interiores creados por el departamento de Diseño Industrial de Pagani Automobili, liderado por Alberto Piccolo. En la cabina abundan materiales conocidos de los deportivos de cuatro ruedas: fibra de carbono, cuero y titanio.

“El arte y la ciencia pueden caminar juntas de la mano: esa es la filosofía de Pagani”, declaró Horacio Pagani en la presentación del avión.

“La combinación de materiales compuestos de primer nivel en un avión, como es el CarboTitanium, con el típico lenguaje de diseño de Pagani Automobili, representa la firma de nuestra compañía. Aplicar nuestro toque renacentista en las amplias cabinas de los jets corporativos de Airbus es el comienzo de una emocionante aventura para todos nosotros”, agregó.


Airbus Infinito: un avión con el sello de Horacio Pagani
Fibra de carbono, titanio y cuero, los materiales clásicos de Pagani en el interior del jet de Airbus.

Airbus Infinito: un avión con el sello de Horacio Pagani
Butacas tapizadas con el mismo entramado de los asientos del Huayra. Sí, la mesa también es de carbono.

Airbus Infinito: un avión con el sello de Horacio Pagani
Tiene capacidad para 25 pasajeros.

Airbus Infinito: un avión con el sello de Horacio Pagani
Y microcine para ver a tu Pagani favorito.

Airbus Infinito: un avión con el sello de Horacio Pagani
CarboTitanium hasta en los baños. Igual que en la nueva fábrica de Pagani en Italia (ver nota).

Airbus Infinito: un avión con el sello de Horacio Pagani
El folleto del ACJ 319 Neo Infinito by Pagani, por si estás interesado en encargar uno.


Comunicado de prensa de Pagani Automobili Airbus Corporate Jets and Pagani announce Infinito cabin

21st May 2017 - Airbus Corporate Jets and the Italian hypercar Atelier Pagani Automobili are announcing a new cabin design for the ACJ319neo, called Infinito, at the EBACE show (European business aviation conference and exhibition, 22nd to 24th May in Geneva).

A key feature of the Infinito cabin is its sky ceiling, which can bring a live view of the sky above the aircraft into the cabin – or display other images. This creates even more of a feeling of airiness and space, truly living up to the name Infinito, which means infinity in Italian.

“Art and Science can walk together hand in hand: this is the Pagani philosophy. The combination of state-of-the-art composite materials never used before in an aircraft, such as CarboTitanium, with the typical design language of Pagani Automobili, has always represented our signature. Applying our Reinassance touch into the wider spaces of Airbus corporate jet cabins is the beginning of an exciting new venture for us,” says Horacio Pagani, founder & Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili SpA.

Airbus’ ACJ320 Family already has the widest and tallest business jet cabin, while being similar in size externally, and Infinito builds on this for even more of a passenger-pleasing experience.

“In bringing together the best of the supercar and business jet worlds, we enable an elegant and seamless link for customers of both, while bringing a fresh approach to cabin design and satisfying very demanding standards,” says Airbus Corporate Jets Managing Director Benoit Defforge.

Pagani’s design team (Led by Alberto Piccolo, Designer and Head of Interiors) created the initial Infinito design, including its look and feel, while Airbus Corporate Jets’ designers (Led by Sylvain Mariat, Head of Creative Design and Concepts) contributed their experience in aircraft design and compatibility.

Curves inspired by nature form a pathway through the cabin, as well as featuring in the shell-shaped valances and walls between zones – including one between lounge and conference areas, which switches from opaque to transparent at the touch of a button.

Décor is reminiscent of that gracing Pagani hypercars, with natural soft-leather carpets and a wooden floor contrasting with man-made carbonfibre in furniture and wall-frames - echoing the combination of art and science originally espoused by Leonardo da Vinci.

Sculpted metal features, mirroring those found in Pagani hypercars, feature in light-fittings and other details, while light-emitting diodes (LEDs) enable different mood-lighting ambiances.

Airbus offers the most complete range of business jets, derived from the world’s most modern aircraft family. This includes the new ACJ319neo, which will fly eight passengers 6,750 nm/12,500 km or 15 hours, the ACJ320neo which will transport 25 passengers 6,000 nm/11,100 km, or 13 hours, and the ACJ350 XWB which will carry 25 passengers 10,800 nm/20,000 km or 22 hours in its ultra-long range version.

Airbus supports more than 500 airline and corporate jet customers with one of the largest support networks in the world, including services tailored to business jet needs.

More than 180 Airbus corporate jets are in service on every continent, including Antarctica.

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